This IS what they are telling you.

This is all I see,  just about everywhere I go. Except that often there is no image, just an poster-sized page of small print citing the Texas law that justifies and legalizes their anti-social behavior.

And it is like a slap in my face.

I am almost tempted to have a bunch of stickers like this printed up and stick them over every anti-liberty bigot’s “no guns” sign I see. No, I won’t because of property rights, but I am so sick of not being welcome anywhere in this region, it is seriously disgusting.

There is now one exception, which I have been rewarding with my business since they quietly removed their “no liberty allowed” signage a while back. Too bad they are so expensive and don’t stock everything I need.

Apparently, from what others have told me, other stores owned by the same companies in other places welcome guns… but not around here. Nope. Almost every door you approach has a anti-rights sign posted.

On the other hand, this is something I’d like to see, but have about given up on, in this extremely anti-gun area of Texas/New Mexico:

Wouldn’t it be nice to matter?