Gun writer (and generally excellent “gun righter”) David Codrea of The War on Guns blog is beating the anti-“illegal immigration” drum loudly these days.

I disagree with him (although I am not intending to pick on him), and here’s why.

If you can’t have Liberty without having those “borders“, then you simply can never have Liberty, period. It means Liberty can never be. It’s nothing more than an impossible fantasy that can never exist in the real world.

Maybe that is how it really is. If so, what’s the point of even trying? Just batten down the hatches and shoot all who come after you. Which, I suppose, is what borderists are advocating in a way. Or, as the anonymous commenter advocates, “Kill them all and let God sort them out”- 7 billion of “them”.

You can have Liberty, or you can have government-enforced “national borders”, but not both. They are mutually exclusive. (And “secured borders”, and all that goes along with them, are also unconstitutional, but that’s another issue.)

If you believe a government’s “borders” can protect your liberty by keeping out those who would violate it, you must also believe a person can only be raped by one rapist at a time.

As soon as you have a government large and powerful enough to “secure” those borders, you will have “taxes” being stolen to finance them. You will have the property rights of those along that border being violated as being inferior to the government’s imaginary “rights” (some of those violated are fine with that, believing it the preferable violation- or totally blinded by nationalism). You will have the right of association violated. You will have the right to travel unmolested being violated. Where these things are happening, there is no liberty. There is no longer anything to protect.

The big fear seems to be that all those “immigrants” come here and end up v*ting Democratic, and against the right to own and to carry guns. And they might. Especially if they see angry gun owners talking about deportation, prison, and walls, while simultaneously saying they are lazy welfare parasites, and that they “take our jobs”.

That is no excuse. You’ve got to strike at the root.

V*ting on rights, by anyone, is the problem. Rights are never legitimately up for a v*te nor subject to popular opinion. And if someone places your rights on a ballot, or allows a politician to live… I mean, stay in office after he has violated your rights, then that is the problem more than the idiots- regardless of where they were born- who support the violation of human rights through “majority rule”.

Instead of making enemies, why not first try to be friends and help them understand why the right to own and to carry guns is their natural, individual right, too? And, if that fails, defend yourself from those who try to violate you without worrying about where they were born.

I can’t see how anyone can imagine that being violated by bullies who were born in the same tax farm you were born in is somehow “better” than being violated by bullies born somewhere else.

You can’t protect liberty by destroying liberty. No matter how much you wish the opposite were true. And anti-“immigrant” is just as anti-liberty as anti-gun.